Asisa Reports 902 010 010

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Asisa Reports902 010 010

Asisa eases the contact

ASISA client service telephone

Thinking about everything is vocation of client attention

ASISA provides you with the client service telephone so you consult any type of information.

ASISA we have acquired the commitment to take care of your health and that of your loved ones at all times, for this reason, we provide our insureds different contact media with the ASISA client service , according to your needs.

Client services telephones and ASISA purchasing

ASISA Client Service Telephone: 902 010 010

For requests related to the provision of services. For example, questions about medical staff, medical tests authorization, coverage and policy services, etc.

ASISA purchase Telephone: 901 101 010

For product information and purchasing

EMERGENCY home care network: 902 010 181

  • Telephone medical attention
  • Medical emergencies
  • Home care and transfer to hospital centres.

ASSISTANCE ABROAD: +34 91 514 36 11

You can do a collect call and we advise you on what to do wherever you are.

Client service and incidences ASISA email


There is a website with the name “telefonodeatencionalclienteasisa” occupying top positions in results of Google to searches relate with the ASISA service client.

ASISA declares that has not anything to do with this website and has NO connection with our company, or any other of the Grupo ASISA.

This website is a fraud to the user, since redirected to our client service telephone via 905 telephone, representing significant additional costs to the end user.

ASISA has launched the appropiates legal initiatives and reported this fraud to the browser Google. Up to the resolution or retirement of this website, from ASISA we recommend our members to take caution and only contact with the ASISA client service whose details appear under the website, unique corporate website of Grupo ASISA.