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Asisa Reports902 010 010

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Greetings from the President

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Francisco Ivorra Presidente de Asisa

From our origins, in ASISA we have been faithful to the commitment of offering to an increasing number of people, health care of quality, a fundamental right that is the cornerstone of our daily work.

Because in ASISA we are working towards a better future for people by means of an optimal health care model and being an example in private medicine. In ASISA we provide to our clients all forms of preemptive medicine, medical care and primary and community care, contributing to create a better society.

Quality, innovation, attention and care have been always principles that have characterised us. It has been possible thanks to those who give their lives to take care of others as well as to a non-profit system that reinvest the benefits in a continuous improvement of the technical equipment and human resources through the modernization of our facilities and constant education of our professionals.

From here, I invite you to use our webpage and to know in depth this big family, where everybody, both medical staff and insureds are part of the same commitment: to improve the quality of life. Moreover I encourage you to discover all the insurance products we offer, as well as the different projects, that we are proudly leading, like sponsorship of sport events  educational activities and awareness campaigns focused on promoting a healthy life style between the people.

Welcome to

Francisco Ivorra 

President of ASISA-LAVINIA