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Products for individuals

In ASISA work for people, knowing that what unites us all is that we are different, we have different needs and different ways of meeting them.

It is what distinguishes us as a specialist company in the health care, and therefore, we have provided a wide range of insurance; for everyone find in ASISA all needed in private health .

Health care Health care

Life Life

  • Asisa Vida

    Asisa Vida

    ASISA VIDA is the insurance that allows you to protect the well-being and the future whose that you more love in case you are absent. It consists of a financial benefit in case of death of the insured.

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Dental Dental

  • Asisa Dental

    Asisa Dental

    ASISA DENTAL is oral care insurance that offers comprehensive care, the latest technology and the most qualified professionals, all for a very affordable price.

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Refund Refund

Accidents/Hospitalization Accidents/Hospitalization