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ASISA Companies

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  • Everything for the health in the company

    Asisa Empresas is the specific service Asisa has created to respond to the health care in large groups and organizations

  • The advantages of custom insurance

    In accordance with the characteristics of each company Asisa designed cumstom insurance to both the coverage and price. And with advantages for all:

    • Fiscal advantages for the company and the employee

    • It improves the labor relations

    • It reduces the absenteeism

    • Remuneration very valued by the worker


  • What purchasing plans do I have for the Collective insurance?
  • How many people is necessary to register in the insurance to consider the insurance as collective?
  • Why purchase a collective health insurance? What does it mean for the company? Has the company any type of benefit? Which benefits are: fiscal, socials, for the workers?
  • Is dental coverage included in the product?
  • Is it possible to split the payment between the company and the worker?
  • Is the product the same as the personal? Do i have any benefit? Do I lose any coverage because it is cheaper?