Asisa Reports 902 010 010

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Asisa Reports902 010 010


Mutual insurance members

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Who is this policy focused to?

There is a type of policy for those beneficiaries that are no longer in the mutual insurance company and want to continue in ASISA. For further information, you must visit the delegation or contact the commercial information phone number 901 10 10 10.

What conditions does this policy have?

This policy can be purchased by former mutual insurance members for a period of three months after their unregistration process and no questionnaire, vesting period or exclusion are required.

After this period of time, all the registrations from former mutual insurance members and beneficiaries will have the same conditions as any individual policy purchase in terms of health questionnaire, vesting periods and exclusion.

What characteristics does this policy have?

The characteristics of this policy are the following:

  • The seniority of the mutual insurance company is saved
  • Not questionnaire evaluation required
  • No vesting period if the purchase takes place in the following three months after the unregistration from the mutual insurance company.
  • It has partial payment (the same price as the current policies).

What is the coverage of the policy?

This policy provides health care assistance throughout the national territory by means of a care network with more than 32.000 medical staff providing the following benefits:

  • General medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Specialised medicine
  • Nursery(medical assistance)
  • 24hours emergency service
  • Medios de diagnóstico
  • Special techniques for treatments
  • Hospitalization
  • Transfer of patients
  • Prostheses and Implants
  • Family planning
  • Transplantations

What does this policy offer ?

This policy also offer additional health care coverage :


  • Cancer chemotherapy
  • Artificial kidney hemodialysis for acute renal failure and chronic
  • Prostheses and Implants
  • Transplantations
  • Chiropody, limited to 6 visits per year per insured
  • Work accidents and required insurance of vehicles
  • Second medical opinion
  • X-ray CT
  • Psychotherapy
  • Telephonic consultation and medical council 902 010 181
  • A death accident insurance of 6.010,12€ of compensation if it occurs under the general conditions of the policy
  • Travel health care. The insured, resident in Spain will receive health care both in Spain and abroad, in basis to an agreement with Europ Assistance with a coverage of 12.000€ abroad.
  • Special economic conditions for assisted reproduction techniques (artificial insemination and in vitro fecundation)
  • Correction of myopia , farsightedness and astigmatism by Excimer Laser and Laser Intralase at exceptional prices.
  • Homeopathy (30€/session)
  • Accupunture (35€/session)
  • Psychotherapy service 24€/session, once the maximum number of sessions is reached.


What partial payments does the policy have?



Medical assistance/ Chiropody

1.00 €

General Medicine/ Pediatrics

2.50 €

Emergencies, Hospitalizations, Diagnostics and special treatments

4.00 €


8.00 €

Birth preparation

4.00 €


9.00 €/session

Rest of services (specialists)

3.00 €


0.75 €/session