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Mutual insurance members

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Asisa offers to civil servants direct family and former mutual insurance members a personalised product to provide the coverage of an integral insurance at the best price.

Who is Asisa Estrella focused to?

Asisa Estrella is a product focused on direct family members (Spouse or husband and Children) if they are no longer beneficiaries of the civil servant. This product is also available for former mutual insurance members.

What does Asisa Estrella offer?

Asisa Estrella is a personalised product that provides the best of the private health care at the best price. The following coverage:

  • Free choice of doctor between 32.000 healthcare professionals
  • 14 private clinics, 16 private centres and arrangements with 600 clinics and medical centres
  • 100 insurance service offices
  • Specialised medicine and primary care
  • Special diagnostics and treatments
  • Unlimited hospitalization in single room with an extra bed
  • Psychotherapy
  • Preemptive medicine
  • Family planning
  • Birth preparation
  • Second medical opinion
  • 24 hours telephone service
  • Travel assistance
  • Accidents insurance: 6.000€ in case of death by accident.

Has any vesting period Asisa Estrella?

After the termination of the policy, Asisa Star has no vesting periods for the following two months. After two months vesting periods are the followings:

  • 8 months for any hospitalization
  • 6 months for special diagnostic tests
  • 6 months for special treatment tecniques
  • 6 months for outpatient surgery
  • 6 months for family planning
  • 6 months for psychotherapy

Has Asisa Estrella medical coverage abroad ?

Asisa will also provide medical coverage aborad, through the Europ Assistance for a maximum period of three months. If you are planning to travel abroad please call +34 91 514 36 11.

Has Asisa Estrella dental coverage?

Yes, extractions, emergency cures and infections, annual cleaning and medical checkups for all these reasons. It also provides treatment for mouth diseases.