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Asisa Reports902 010 010

Get to know us

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History and Foundation

In the early seventies one of the biggest challenges in the Spanish Health care system was to provide health care throughout the whole territory. At that time there was not a National health care network nor insurance groups in all the provinces.
With this aim ASISA was created in 1971 as an interprovincial insurance group that , very quickly, allowed the assignment of doctors in all those provinces with no insurance groups. The hard work of its founder, Dr Espríu, allowed to establish ASISA delegations in all those provinces that had no insurance groups. In fact, in 1973, the network of ASISA already had 19 provincial insurance groups and one interprovincial one.
1975 was a key moment to prove the validity of the Health care system defended in ASISA when the possibility to cooperate with the public health care system appeared. In 1976 ASISA signed its first agreement with the “Mutualidad de Funcionarios Civiles del Estado (Muface)”. Right now ASISA is a leader company in health care provision to the three biggest state civil servants mutual insurance companies: MUFACE, ISFAS and MUGEJU.