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Asisa Reports902 010 010

Mutual insurance members

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Introduction to Muface, Isfas and Mugeju

MUFACE: Mutualidad General de Funcionarios Civiles del Estado
MUGEJU: Mutualidad General Judicial
ISFAS: Instituto Social de las Fuerzas Armadas

These mutual insurance companies sign agreements with entities that provide health care to their beneficiaries through different accords with the Public Health System and with Insurance health care entities.

These agreements stipulate the rights and obligations of the parties as well as the modalities, conditions and benefits provided to the beneficiaries entitled to them.

Where should I ask for?






Change of data

Register beneficiaries

Register an insured

Unregister beneficiaries

Unregister an insured

Refund the costs of materials for diabetics (lancets, insulin, test strips, etc)

Prescription seal

Delivery of documentation to request the reimbursement costs in external medical centres

Authorization for special medicines


Medical staff


Medical report


Pharmaceutical products (diapers, comprehension tights, crutches, wheelchairs, etc.)


Special refunds ( dental, optical, audiometry, etc)


Copy of the agreement between mutual insurance company and company